Advanced System Repair, Inc.

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How it works?

Advanced System Repair utilizes multiple tools all in one to give you a quick, simple, reliable and very thorough diagnose of your PC. See below of how it works through each scan process. Very impressive!

See our Multi-feature scan:

  • - Privacy Scan
  • - System Junk/Clutter scan
  • - System Startup Optimizer
  • - Registry Scan
  • - Security Holes Scan
  • - Out Dated Drivers Scan
  • - Malware Scan
  • - Disk Defragment Scan
  • - Corrupt System File Scan

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Install Screen



Installation Process



Gathering System Data



Privacy Scan



Junk and System Clutter Scan



Application Optimizer



Clean System Registry



Scan for Security Holes



Scan for Outdated Drivers



Scanning for Malware



Disk Defragment



System Corrupt Files Scan



Scan Results



Complete Scan Summary



Main Screen View